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Finland scores high no matter which specialist area of our healthcare system is put under scrutiny. As an innovative, ambitious and small nation, we do our best to embrace the latest technologies and treatment methods. As a non-Finnish citizen, you can now access the world's best healthcare system with the help of Helena Medical Group: we will connect you with the right specialists.

The Helena Medical Group can provide medical services in Finland for patients from around the world.

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Aesthetic and plastic surgery offers professional patient services for all kinds of issues and signs of ageing in an individual’s appearance.

Finland has achieved considerable success in the early diagnosis of breast cancer, and has become one of the top three countries in the treatment of breast cancer, with a 5-year survival rate of 92 per cent.

Finnish hospitals provide technologically advanced exami­nation and treatment of the most severe heart defects and certain other rare heart diseases. Operational models make it possible to admit and treat patients quickly.

Finland is one of the leaders in diagnosing infertility thanks to the advanced equipment available in Finnish clinics and the experience and professionalism of Finnish fertility specialists.


The diagnostics and treatments appropriate in contemporary gynaecology help the patients of the Helena Medical Group to return to good health effectively, safely and promptly.

The major advances in neurosurgery in recent decades have occurred in the field of microsurgery, and include significant developments in medical imaging and improvements in intensive care.


The expertise of the Finnish oncological centres has gained international recognition, while the country’s treatment outcomes are rated amongst the best in the world.


Finnish ophthalmology is well-known for its scientific reliability and its excellent recovery record. Great importance is attached to modern equipment and the continuous enhancement of the skills of its medical personnel.


Finnish otorhinolaryngologists have developed extensive expertise in their multidisciplinary treatment of ENT diseases.


The achievements of Finnish orthopaedists are known throughout the world. World-famous footballers and many other international sportspeople have chosen to use the services of Finnish orthopaedists.


Finnish paediatric units and hospitals provide the widest range of specialised healthcare for children and adolescents. Paediatric surgery, child neurology, advanced medical investigations, and the diagnosis and management of rare diseases are all performed by experienced paediatricians.

In Finland, radiotherapy is frequently used in oncology  with good results. It can be used, for example, as the final-stage therapy for breast or brain cancer or after other surgical and chemotherapeutic treatment.

Reconstructive surgery is challenging and demanding. It corrects all kinds of issues with the face and the body. Congenital defects, radical cancer surgery and major traumas are the most common reasons for these issues.


Rehabilitation requires special skills, and hence physiotherapy is regarded as a branch of medicine in Finland. Physiotherapists specialise in a complex of treatment methods, such as manual therapy, massage, lymphotherapy, physical training and aquatherapy.

Urology refers to the exami­nation and treatment of diseases of the urinary system. Finnish urolo­gists draw from the best modern treatment alter­na­tives.

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