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How Prices Are Determined


The price of our consultation service comprises the possible examinations, first doctor's visit, doctor's fee and interpretation service (if needed).

We will also translate all documents related to your illness or condition for our doctor, and provide you with the response to your consultation in your mother tongue.

Examples of consultation service prices

Doctor's consultation EUR 200 - 400
First visit to oncology specialist EUR 800
Next visit EUR 600

Surgical Operations

The price of surgery is determined individually for each patient based on the attending doctor's treatment plan, and it comprises the necessary examinations, the actual surgery (including all medication, anaesthesia, post-surgery care, overnight stay at the clinic and interpretation service (if needed)). The price also covers the treatment of immediate complications such as bleeding or infection which occurs within a week of surgery.

We will also translate all documents, surgery reports and care instructions into your mother tongue.

Examples of surgery prices

Breast cancer treatment package EUR 15,000 - 23,500
Diagnostics angiography: ask for quote
Coronary vessel angiography + stenting: ask for quote
Mitral valve correction (robot-assisted): ask for quote
Breast reconstruction using LD flap EUR 20,000 - 31,900
Breast reconstruction using ms-TRAM method EUR 28,000 - 40,000

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