The World's Best Orthopaedists at Your Service Complex treatments and effective post-surgical rehabilitation

Orthopaedic problems represent the most common groups of diseases in the world, leading to physical disability and dysfunction in everyday life. We offer complex treatment of the joints and of the spine, and also of post-traumatic injuries requiring effective post-surgical rehabilitation in Finland.

Ninety-nine per cent of orthopaedic patients in Finland have returned to active life without any restriction of their mobility when they continue to engage in sport.

Orthopaedic treatments

The achievements of Finnish orthopaedists are known throughout the world. World-famous footballers such as David Beckham and Didier Dishamps, and also many other International sportspeople, have chosen to be treated by Finnish orthopaedists.

One of the operations performed in modern arthroscopy permits the diagnosis and surgical treatment of joint abnormalities and of changes caused by trauma. The post-operative recovery period is short, and the patient can be active within a matter of a few days.

Finnish orthopaedists have obtained unique results in spine surgery. Because of the high risk of serious complications, spine surgery requires pinpoint accuracy, and a computer-navigation surgical system helps to reduce the risk of complications from such operations to close to zero.

Paediatric orthopaedists are highly experienced in the conservative and surgical correction of congenital disorders, including demanding cases involving severe congenital malformations and developmental disorders, severe birth injuries to the brachial plexus, malignant tumours and demanding limb-lengthening and/or osteotomy.

Finnish paediatric orthopaedists are also skilled in the complex treatment of spinal muscular atrophy.

Finland occupies one of the topmost positions in joint replacement in Europe, thanks to the development of the safest surgical techniques and the use of advanced prostheses.

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The Helena Medical Group is a long-term partner and representative of the leading Finnish clinic Orton in the international market.

By choosing to receive treatment at the Orton Clinic's international hospital, you will gain a real opportunity to experience medical assistance at the hands of the best specialists, who are able to take the fullest advantage of modern surgical equipment and innovations.

Before leaving the hospital, each patient also undergoes rehabilitation under the guidance of skilled specialists.

The principal lines of orthopaedic treatment

• Joint replacement (coxafemoral, knee, phalangeal, ankl e joints)
• Arthroscopy (coxa, knee, ankle, shoulder)
• Spine surgery, including demanding CAOS operations
• Sport traumas
• Hand, shoulder, elbow and foot surgery
• Rheumatology injuries
• Paediatric orthopaedics, including scoliosis surgery
• Pain management


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