Fertility Treatment


Successful and Safe Pregnancy for All Couples Solving infertility problems with a precisely timed examination

Statistically, about 90% of couples can have a child without any difficulties. There are different factors that can prevent pregnancy and influence women’s and men’s fertility. However, in the vast majority of cases, IVF carried out by experienced specialists can solve these problems.

Finland is one of the leaders in diagnosing infertility thanks to the advanced equipment available in Finnish clinics and the experience and professionalism of Finnish fertility specialists.

Fertility Treatment

The Helena Medical Group offers diagnostics and medical treatment for the full range of fertility problems, including insemination, IVF, IVM and ICSI.

The fertility treatment offered by our experienced fertility experts helps to solve infertility problems with a precisely timed examination and follow-up. It has been shown that in Finnish fertility clinics eight out of ten couples who have faced fertility problems have subsequently become parents after treatment.

The Helena Medical Group's experts have developed special fertility programmes for oncological patients who may wish to have the opportunity to become parents after cancer treatment.

An expert team of oncology and reproduction specialists map out an individual treatment plan which culminates in the freezing of fertilised eggs. Once a patient has recovered fully from cancer and has received the oncologist’s approval, her previously fertilised eggs can be used to achieve pregnancy.

Our reproduction experts are also constantly developing their skills and medical technologies to enable couples with HIV and hepatitis C to experience a safe pregnancy.

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Pregnancy and Giving Birth

The medical professionals at the Helena Medical Group pursue high standards of care and provide patients with a comprehensive range of support. The Helena Medical Group's team brings together specialists from many branches of medicine.


Our experts in the field of perinatal diagnostics use the most sensitive methods to enable them to recognise foetal developmental disorders (NIPT test, 4D ultrasound examinations etc.) and also to use their expert knowledge in prenatal care and in the management of complicated pregnancies.

Giving Birth

In 2014, the Save the Children State of the World`s Mothers foundation recognised Finland as the best country in the world in which to give birth to a baby.

Giving birth in Finland is a good choice for women who wish to be sure that childbirth is carefully overseen by the most skilled of personnel: they can rely on highly professional healthcare personnel, modern equipment, individual attention given to each woman in childbirth, and a clean, natural environment.

The Helena Medical Group (HMG) is a partner of HYKSin and provides overseas patients with the full range of HYKSin childbirth services.

HYKSin is the foremost maternity unit in Finland, performing 18 000 deliveries per year. HYKSin is the only international maternity hospital in Finland, providing women from around the world with medical maternity care.

Meet Our Specialists


Dr Anne-Maria Suikkari Clinic Helena

A senior doctor at the Fertility Clinic, Anne-Maria Suikkari MD, PhD, a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, is one of the most experienced experts in reproductive technologies in Finland.


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