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The Helena Medical Group provides access to the world’s best healthcare from Finland We do our utmost best to help everyone who turns to us searching for help with their medical problems

We examine each and every customer and their problems individually – and provide you with an accurate and detailed diagnosis and tailor-made treatment.

Our focus is to get you better

When you choose the Helena Medical Group, we take care of all your needs – and you can focus all your energy on getting better and relax!

Our Company

The Helena Medical Group has developed from the original Clinic Helena as a support centre for international patients.

We have been serving our satisfied customers since 2015.

We have built a network of top Finnish international hospitals and medical units – accepting only the best doctors and units as our partners.

We work in close cooperation with the Finnish university hospitals, which allows us to offer evidence-based medical treatments in almost every field of medicine, e.g. oncology, orthopaediatrics, paediatrics, urology, eye and ear diseases and epilepsy, as well as diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, etc.

We have also partnered with the best Finnish private medical clinics.

If necessary, we can also provide extensive rehabilitation services which allow you to get better after surgery and treatment while enjoying the beautiful Finnish scenery and clean air.

Infertility treatment is also very close to our hearts and we provide our customers with high-quality IVF treatment all the way to the birth of your child.

The Helena Clinic continues to offer a wide range of surgical treatments for breast cancer, treatment for gynaecological problems, aesthetic correction of the face and body, and reconstructive surgery.

The main specialisation of the Clinic Helena is the application of modern methods in the treatment of breast cancer and mastectomy recovery.

The main strength of the Clinic Helena lies in the use of the latest methods of reconstructive microsurgery.


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