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For Helena Medical Group, the customers come first

We are familiar with the fact that it is important to get information not only from our specialists, but also from patients who have received medical care with the help of Helena Medical Group in order to make a decision about applying for advice and treatment. With the permission of our patients, we publish their feedback on the treatment in Finland.


The impression of the clinic is very good, everything is very clean. Helena is very kind and gracious, a true professional in her field. I felt a great deal of confidence that I will receive high-quality care. I felt that I can ask any questions and receive detailed answers – thanks to the helpful staff of the clinic: Olga and Ivanna.

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Irina KIrina K

I applied to Clinic Helena in August 2014 for surgical treatment of breast cancer and chemotherapy. This was the only clinic that agreed to do the operation right away. Other clinics in St. Petersburg, Germany, Spain offered to start treatment with chemotherapy. My surgeon was Helena Puonti, a very professional specialist with extensive experience, and also a sympathetic and benevolent person who charges you with positive energy. Olga Konovalova, the coordinator at the clinic helped to solve all my problems.

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In November 2013, I was in Savonlinna for a breast reconstruction operation. The doctor, Helena Puonti, performed the operation and organized my stay in Sanwonlinna. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to her personally and to all those who participated in the operation, the postoperative period and in organising my trip and care. I liked everything, starting with the consultations in Russia and ending with a stay in a Finnish hospital. Everything was conducted at a high professional level with an understanding of female psychology in such a difficult period. I'm very glad that I decided on the operation at Clinic Helena. I recommend Helena Medical Group to all those who encounter similar medical problems.

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Olga V.Olga V.

I want to express my deepest respect and appreciation to Helena and to staff working at Helena Medical Group for their high level of professionalism, tactful treatment of the patient in a difficult life situation, sincere care, attention in everything, even in small things. Helena is just a Sorceress, she inspires confidence in the patient with all her actions and words and ensures that everything will be fine and is under her professional control. Thank you very much for everything !!!

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Almost a year ago received chemotherapy for poor-quality gut formation in the 3rd stage. I echo all other patients' reviews about the Clinic Helena and Helena Medical Group. I want to note not only the high professional level and the excellent organization skills of all medical personnel, but also their human qualities: mutual understanding, tactfulness and empathy. For them, we are not people whose fate has already passed its "verdict", but patients for whom it is possible and necessary to fight. Special thanks go to Helena Poonti, Esa Männistö, Teemu, Nikolai, Katrina, Marita, Nina, Olga Konovalova, Ivanna Kokki, Inna and Andrey, the staff of the laboratory and the radiological department. To all those who supported me in the most difficult time of my life, who instilled in me the belief in recovery. With sincere respect, wish of health and further success!

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