Service package examples


Tailor-made service packages for your needs

We craft our service packages individually for each patient to ensure that you get the best possible care and results

See our examples of breast cancer treatment service packages to get a good idea of what we offer

Pre-operative diagnostics package

pre-operation laboratory tests obligatory in Finland

plastic surgeon consultation

interpreting assistance (English, Chinese; other languages interpreting requires advanced notice)


Surgery package

pre-operative axillary lymph scintigraphy study

anaesthetic support

intraoperative sentinel nodes procedure: radioisotope detection of sentinel lymph nodes in axillary area with their intraoperative histological examination (frozen biopsy method)

surgical tumour/breast resection with plastic surgery technique

axillary lymph nodes dissection, if metastases were detected

over-night stay in a post-operative ward, including all necessary care and medication

final histological study, including immunohistochemically staining and genetic testing, if necessary

interpreting assistance (English and Chinese; other languages require advance notice)


Adjuvant treatment package

oncologist consultation including laboratory tests and interpreting during doctor’s appointment

cytostatic therapy according to oncologist’s recommendations

hormonal therapy according to oncologist’s recommendations

radiotherapy according to oncologist’s and radiologist’s recommendations (usually, a 3-week course of local radiotherapy)

interpreting assistance (English and Chinese; other languages require advance notice)


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