Paying Great Attention to Patient Safety Effective Radiology Using the Latest Technology

Approximately half of cancer patients receive curative or palliative radiotherapy at some point. Radiotherapy frequently yields good results in the fight against malignant tumours, reducing clinical manifestations and prolonging a patient's life.

Radiotherapy is always planned by a team consisting of a doctor, a radiologist, a radiographer and a medical physicist. All treatments are planned according to the individual wishes and needs of our patients. 

Finnish radiologists pay great attention to the safety of the patient receiving radiation treatment.

Radiology in Finland

Recently there have been revolutionary changes in medical radiology. Diagnostic and therapeutic radiology have greatly expanded the possibilities in various fields of medicine. Modern lines of medical radiology can be divided into radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

In Finland, radiotherapy is frequently used in oncology with good results. It can be used, for example, as the final-stage therapy for breast or brain cancer or after other surgical and chemotherapeutic treatment. With the help of irradiation, it is possible to effectively combat pain in the metastatic lesions of the bone system.

The Finnish radiologists give very carefully planned radiotherapy: a dose of radiation is selected and with the aid of computer navigation, rays are focused precisely onto the area of exposure, with no damage to the surrounding tissues. Radiation therapy uses only the latest technology and equipment.

Both methods of stereostatic radiosurgery, the Gamma Knife and the Cyber Knife, are available and effectively used in the fight against benign and malignant formations in the brain, the treatment of lung cancer, pancreas, prostate and other oncological issues.

Available Treatments in Radiology

Radiotherapy is a treatment involving the irradiation of a specific area of the body using different spectra of ionising radiation is used. The method is used to treat various types of cancer, as an independent type of therapy and in combination with other treatments methods like surgical removal of the tumour and chemotherapy.

Radiosurgery is another type of radiation treatment in which irradiation is performed once. With the help of stereotaxic installation, rays are directed from different sides and focused on a clearly defined zone. This method provides a high dose of radiation in a strictly defined area. Thus, radiation fluxes with low radioactivity, passing through tissues without damaging them. This is the principle of the Gamma Knife and Cyber Knife. Both methods are available in Finland.

Did you know that radiotherapy dose calculation software was developed in Finland?

External radiotherapy is a complex treatment, which requires dose calculation software in addition to uncompromising expertise and the actual equipment. Such software allows medical physicists to target the radiation to the tumour to a millimetre-accuracy according to the precise specifications of the doctor, thus protecting the healthy tissue around the tumour. The pioneer responsible for the dose calculation software is the Finnish company Dosetek Ltd.

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