We Take Care of Your Heart Modern Technology at the Service of Cardiac Disease Care

Finnish hospitals provide technologically advanced exami­nation and treatment of the most severe heart defects and certain other rare heart diseases. Operational models make it possible to admit and treat patients quickly.

The research and specialist work on cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes conducted within the Finnish healthcare system has earned international reputation and recognition.

Cardiology in Finland

Efficient Work Teams

In Finland, primary health care has played a key role in identifying, providing treatment and monitoring long-term illnesses. For us, it is self-evident and considered the basis of cost-effective care that treatment is provided by multiprofessional teams, and that public health nurses and registered nurses are very much involved in the care and monitoring of patients. This is not always the case in many countries.

With an interprofessional patient services team, patients are provided with a flexible, reliable and safe treatment experience.

The Heart Symbol of Healthy Eating

The Finnish media is very much involved in reporting health-related news, and cooperation between specialists and the media is very effective.

Finnish innovations attracting worldwide attention include functional foods, products marked with the Heart Symbol, the healthy eating plate, the seasonal foods calendar and product retail, and non-smoking workplaces and municipalities.


The majority of pathological conditions of the circulatory system are caused by vascular sclerosis.

When the level of plasma cholesterol is increased and some other conditions are present, deposits called atherosclerotic plaques develop on the vessel walls, narrowing their lumen. Over time, the prevalence and severity of atherosclerotic deposits can progress, and the lumens of the vessels become narrow, up to complete blockage, which results in insufficient blood supply to an organ (ischaemia).

Modern methods of circulatory system diseases diagnostics include, in addition to the traditional ones, a number of expert methods, such as echocardiography, Doppler imaging, duplex scanning, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, as well as radioisotope methods of investigating the myocardium and interventional angiography.  

Complete comprehensive diagnostics of cardiac diseases may often require almost the entire range of diagnostic methods.

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Available Treatments

Typical cardio­lo­gical diseases include coronary artery disease, arrhythmia and congestive heart failure. Cardio­genic symptoms are chest pain, palpi­ta­tions, abnormal shortness of breath and suddenly reduced perfor­mance.

Obtaining treatment quickly has a great effect on the treatment outcome.

Coronary Artery Bypass Opera­tions

Typically, cardiac surgical proce­dures include coronary artery bypass opera­tions and replacement of the aortic valve or mitral valve.

Finnish heart clinics also provide natio­nally centra­lised repair surgeries of conge­nital cardiac defects.

Minimally Invasive Techniques

Alongside conven­tional open heart surgery, minimally invasive (mini-invasive) surgical techniques and treatment methods have been developed in recent years.

Compared to conven­tional open heart surgery, endoscopic, endovascular and robot-assisted proce­dures are less demanding for the patient, and recovery is usually faster. Mini-invasive techniques are not suitable for all patients, however.

The appropriate treatment method and surgical technique is selected case by case.

Correcting Cardiac Arrhythmias

This group of cardiac pathologies is caused by very diverse factors and has various mechanisms, clinical manifestations and consequences. Therefore, the methods for correcting these diseases are also numerous and variable.

An individual treatment method is selected for each patient by an arythmologist.


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