Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology


Improving vision and hearing Unique multidisciplinary treatments, latest technology

Finnish ophthalmologists use advanced diagnostic methods in their healthcare consulting to identify eye diseases in their initial stages and to determine their exact causes. Our otorhinolaryngologists perform the most demanding surgery to remedy such cases as tumours in the head and neck.

In Finnish clinics the patient can rely on receiving painless and relaxing treatment during surgery, whether it be for the correction of regular near-sightedness or some more demanding treatment.



Finnish ophthalmology is well-known for its scientific reliability and its excellent recovery record. Great importance is attached to modern equipment and the continuous enhancement of the skills of its medical personnel. Finnish ophthalmologists use advanced diagnostic methods to identify eye diseases in their initial stages and to determine their exact causes.

Laser eye surgery has proved to be a safe method of improving vision impairment with sustainable results. Once laser surgery has been undertaken, the patient will no longer need to use glasses or contact lenses – except, at a later age, glasses for reading. FemtoLasic, SMILE, ASA or other advanced laser techniques can be selected in order to restore the sight.

The ophthalmology departments at the universities and university hospitals bring together clinicians and researchers working in the field of optical diseases. The main areas of research focus on age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. High levels of research and practice are used in the development of innovative types of treatment for rare and threatening diseases of the eye.


Even insignificant disorders involving the ear, nose or throat organs are liable to make life unpleasant. The treatment of the majority of otorhinolaryngologic diseases needs to be undertaken with extreme accuracy and professional experience, and Finnish otorhinolaryngologists have developed extensive expertise in their multidisciplinary treatment of ENT diseases.

Achieving significant results in their treatment of common conditions such as hearing loss, maxillary sinusitis, chronic rhinitis and middle ear cholesteatoma, specialists also perform the most demanding surgery to remedy such cases as tumours in the head and neck. These conditions require complex treatment by specialists in otorhinolaryngology, in particular for cases requiring maxillofacial, plastic and neurosurgery. Finnish specialists are at the forefront of this field, with experience of unique surgery including complete face transplantation for patients with facial tumours.

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Almost 20,000 laser eye surgical operations are performed each year in Finland. Our experienced ophthalmologists have conducted thousands of such operations, and in the process they have gained a thorough mastery of the latest techniques.


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