Finland’s healthcare system received Europe’s highest satisfaction ratings

Finnish healthcare is – in many respects – state-of-the-art among the OECD countries

The scope, accessibility and quality of health care services have been developed systematically over the last decades and reforming the structure and content of social welfare and health care services is one of society’s most important goals in the coming years.

Finnish healthcare system provides comprehensive, high-quality healthcare ranging from primary to specialized medical care – and from care for newborns to services for the elderly.

Public healthcare is complemented by a number of private providers of specialized medical care, such as top-class specialists available to international patients travelling to receive care in Finland, or providers of state-of-the-art cancer treatment.

Finnish preventive medicine prolongs lives

Thanks to Finland’s globally acclaimed disease prevention and health promotion activities, life expectancy rates have risen markedly, especially over the last few decades. Combined with rapid access to life-saving care for cancer and acute cardiovascular diseases, these outreach policies have helped to ensure that Finnish people live longer. In addition, nationwide quality improvement programmes have hugely improved patient outcomes in the case of chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes.

Finnish healthcare delivers world-class results

Finnish healthcare achieves world-class results in many areas, such as the effectiveness of specialized medical care, reducing cancer mortality, and in screening and vaccination coverage.

Finland is also known for its so-called maternity package, in which the state sends every expectant mother clothes and other necessities such as quilts, nappies, towels and clothing for newborns. Even the British royal family have received this handy package, when Finnish officials sent one to Prince William and Duchess Catherine upon the birth of their son George in 2013.


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