Finland approaches preventive healthcare with the help of digitalisation

Finland is looking to become a forerunner in digital transformation of health care sector by providing globally relevant health innovations to improve health and social services for all citizens

The specialized fields of genomics, diagnostics, non-invasive measurements, imaging, patient monitoring, digital health, wearables, sensors, personalized health services, elderly care, and hospital IT all position Finland as a healthcare thought-leader.

Access to online services, personalized medicine and healthcare, digital treatment pathways and mobile solutions are at the core of the expertise of Finnish companies represented in the delegation. In Finnish model, citizens and their various needs are always at the centre of service design.

Finland is one of the strongest countries when it comes to digital knowledge

“Finnish companies have developed many innovative solutions such as wearable equipment for fitness and sports, for monitoring the quality of sleep and supporting healthy lifestyles. This is no wonder as Finland is one of the strongest countries in the world when it comes to digital skills and knowledge. We also have a buzzing start-up culture and a high number of digital healthcare companies”, states Minister Saarikko.

As health promotion and prevention is a priority to Finland throughout the life course, the new solutions encourage citizens to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Digital solutions can help overall wellbeing throughout the life cycle.

“Health and social policies have been a long-standing political priority and among the key pillars supporting the Finnish society. The past few decades have seen a shift in our approach to health, functioning and wellbeing, and instead of fixing problems we try to prevent them from happening”, said Minister Saarikko.


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